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Pride Of Scotland Tartan Hybrid Kilt

Pride Of Scotland Tartan Hybrid Kilt

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Introducing the Pride of Scotland Tartan Hybrid Kilt! This exceptional and fashionable kilt is crafted from 100% cotton drill jeans fabric in black, featuring Mackenzie Tartan pleats. With removable flaps on both sides, it offers versatility and a striking appearance suitable for any occasion. Adorned with your choice of hardware embellishments on the D-rings, hooks, and pleats, this kilt boasts black leather straps with button closures. Additionally, both side pockets are detachable, adding to its functionality. If you're seeking a stylish and distinctive kilt to showcase your Scottish pride, the Pride of Scotland Tartan Hybrid Kilt is the perfect choice!

Material: 100% Cotton Body/Acrylic Wool Pleats

Fabric: Drill Jeans Kilt/Tartan Pleats

Style: Hybrid/Utility

Type: Sports/Fashion

Pleats: Mackenzie Tartan

Fastening: Leather Straps With Buttons

Straps: Black Leather

Side Pockets: Both Sides Detachable

Embellished: D-Rings/Hooks/Pleats

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