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LGBT Tartan Kilted Mini Skirt – Homespun Wool-Blend

LGBT Tartan Kilted Mini Skirt – Homespun Wool-Blend

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Discover the GOKILT™ Collection: Cute, stylish, and affordable kilts tailored just for you! Crafted from our Quality Wool-Blend Tartan, each kilt is made-to-order to ensure the perfect fit.

Customizable to any waist size and available in lengths up to 18 inches, our kilts are designed to accommodate your individual preferences.

Excitingly, we're introducing our new Custom-Made LGBT Tartan, a vibrant and meaningful addition to our collection.

Crafted from a 55/45 blend of polyester & wool, our Homespun Tartan is handwoven on traditional looms, offering an authentic look reminiscent of historical tartans. While it may feature small imperfections such as snags, pulls, or holes, these flaws only enhance its unique character.

Elevate your style with the GOKILT™ Collection and experience the charm of handcrafted kilts tailored just for you.

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