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Women's Black Watch Tartan Mini Kilt

Women's Black Watch Tartan Mini Kilt

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Experience the allure of our Women's Black Watch Tartan Mini Kilt, a shorter rendition of the classic Scottish garment. Crafted from 100% pure worsted wool by our esteemed kilt makers in Scotland, this mini kilt combines tradition with modernity. Featuring rear pleats starting at hip level and a traditional flat apron front, it exudes authenticity. The kilt is adorned with adjustable leather strap details, ensuring a comfortable and personalized fit. With its length hitting just above the knee, this stylish garment is perfect for any occasion.

  • Material: 100% pure worsted wool
  • Style: Mini Kilt
  • Tartan: Black Watch
  • Features: Rear pleats, flat apron front, adjustable leather straps
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